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This new and improved unit now offers total lengths in meters, centimeters, inches, feet and yards.

  • Model No.1050: (range 0.10 to 25,000 rpm)
  • Accuracy: (0.06 rpm: 0.10 to 999.99 rpm
  • (0.6 rpm: 1,000 to 9,999.9 rpm
  • (0.006% of reading ±1 digit (or ±2 rpm max):
    10,000 to 25,000 rpm
  • Display: 5 digit 0.47" (12mm) high LCD
  • Measuring Units : Revolutions: RPH, RPM
  • Feet: FPH, FPM
  • Miles: MPH
  • Yards: YPH, YPM
  • Inches: IPM
  • Meters: mPH, mPM
  • Length: m, cm, inches, feet, yards
  • Total revolutions: REV
  • Memory: 13 readings are stored and retained for 5 minutes (last, max., min., and 10 extra measurements)
  • Operating Temp.: 32° to 113° F (0° to 45° C)
  • Dimensions: 7.3"L x 2.4"W x 1.8"H
  • Accessories Included: 2 convex adapters, 1 concave adapter, 31/2 extension shaft, carrying case, operating instructions, 1 master wheel (6"cir.)

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MODEL NO. 2050


The new and improved LASER tachometer with the addition of the included contact adapter allows the measurement of five additional rate functions (RPM, YPM, mPM, FPM, and IPM) as well as 4 length functions (yards, meters, feet and inches) included is expanded memory and measuring range.

  • Range 6 to 30,000 RPM
  • Display Range: 6 to 99,999 RPM
  • Accuracy: rpm: 0.006% to 8,300 rpm
  • 2 rpm: 8,300 to 25,000 rpm
  • 0.006% of reading 1 digit (or 6rpm max.): 25,000 to 99,999 rpm
  • Display Measuring Units: 5 digit 0.47" (12mm) high LCD RPM (on contact using adapter included) for YPM, mPM, FPM, IPM and length: YRD, m, FT and IN. uses 6" circular wheel with 200L adapter.
  • Memory: 13 readings are stored in memory and retained for 5 minutes (last, max., min., and 10 extra measurements)
  • Operating Temperature: 32° to 113° F (0° to 45°C)
  • Dimensions: 6.6"L x 2.4"W x 1.8"H
  • Accessories Included: Reflective tape, convex adapter, carrying case, 1 master wheel (6" cir.) and 200L adapter
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MODEL NO. 7002

The Meylan Chronometric Hand Tachometers are high precision speed indicators for the automatic, accurate measurement of constant rotary and linear speeds in RPM and FPM. They are available in 2 ranges, are guaranteed accurate to 0.5% of full scale, and have full 100% overspeed protection.

OPERATION is on the positive measurement principle through three integrated mechanisms:

  • An accurate revolution counter
  • A precise stopwatch
  • An automatic synchronizer

CHRONOMETRIC Tachometers are as easy to use as our centrifugal types. You merely attach the proper accessory (4 are included), contact the motion to be measured, press the button and when the hands stop in 3 seconds read the RPM or FPM. The hands stay locked in place until the button is depressed again. The large hand (outer scale) indicates RPM or FPM. The small hand totalizes revolutions of the large hand. Combine the readings and you have the result.

  • Outer Scale indicates RPM or FPM
  • Small hand totalizes revolutions of large hand
  • Measures either direction of rotation
  • Knife-edge indicating hand
  • Shatterproof dial shock-proof case

0—10,000 RPM
0—3,000 FPM








1/5 Second
|| 1/10 Second || 1/100 Second

1/100 Minute || 1/1000 Minute

1/100, 1/10,000, 1/100,000 Hour

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